Our Fleet

Our mainline fleet consists of 5 different aircraft. Take a look below to see how each aircraft is essential in being able to cater to the destinations we serve. We are proudly all Boeing.


Boeing 737-800

The 737-800 is the backbone of all of our short haul travels. Whether it's taking the short hop over to Larnaca or the longer flight to Italy, this airplane has you covered! You can fly the 737-800 for free by joining El Al!


Boeing 737-900ER

The 737-900ER is a larger variant of the 737-800. This aircraft is included when our pilots rank up and expands our European destinations!


Boeing 777-200ER

A majority of our flights are international routes. One aircraft that allows us to cater to such a market is the wonderful Boeing 777-200ER. With a newly retrofitted cabin and clean look, our pilots love to fly this aircraft!


Boeing 787-8

The Boeing 787-8 is the our smallest long haul aircraft, yet most fuel efficient. It serves a multitude of destinations and is a special bird in our fleet!

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Boeing 787-9

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is truly a dream! Filled with sophisticated onboard instruments, a stunning cabin design, and elegant look, this aircraft is essential for our long haul flights to North America and Asia. If you're lucky, you can also spot this beautiful bird flying shorter, high-demand routes like London and Lisbon!

Rank System


Second Officer

Here at El Al Virtual, all pilots begin as Second Officer. This rank allows our pilots to fly our smallest aircraft, the Boeing 737-800. Luckily, this aircraft servers a variety of destinations so our pilots can enjoy the beautiful views of East and Western Europe!


First Officer

After 30 hours of flying with us, you will move up to First Officer. At this rank, our pilots unlock the 737-900ER. This aircraft not only expands on the beautiful views of East and Western Europe, but opens up routes to places such as snow-filled Russia!


Senior First Officer

Once our pilots reach 70 hours with us, they are now able to fly our long haul routes with the Boeing 777-200ER and Boeing 787-8. What a great way to explore the unknown!



Finally, once our Pilots reach 150 hours with us, our flagship, the 787-9, will be unlocked. In addition to our dedicated aircraft, they get to fly the Atlas Air 747-400, a subsidiary of El Al that operates for El Al Cargo.

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